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Concealed Carry Application Wait Times

When I first applied for my concealed carry permit in 2016 I had heard that Wisconsin’s permitting process was much smoother than when it was first implemented in 2011.  Per Wisconsin State Statue, Wisconsin has 21 days to process concealed carry license renewals and new applications. I had asked a few friends and was told that if I applied via the online form, I should have my license within a couple of days. Could I really have my license that quickly? I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

I filled out the online form in August of 2016 on my lunch break. After you submit the form you come to a payment screen. At this point I was running out of time on my lunch and decided I’ll come back to pay. We were in 2016, this shouldn’t be an issue. Well, it was. The payment screen took my debit card without issue; however, I was then sent back to the licensing screen and received an error. The error stated that my application wasn’t complete and prompted me to start over. Odd, I can see the charge in my bank account… I decided to call Madison and ask how I should proceed. The guy who answered the phone (I don’t remember his name) was extremely friendly and helpful. He could see my payment but not my application. All I had to do was mail my application to Madison and include a note that I paid online, he would take care of the rest. And he did! About 4 days later I received my license in the mail. All was good!

Fast forward a year when I go to apply for my Florida Non-Resident license. By law, Florida has 90 days to process and issue a new application. Their website also says that most applications are processed within 50-60 days. Okay, that’s good news. I decided to post on an online forum to see what other new applicants had experienced. Not surprisingly, only a couple Florida residents applied. All of whom had applied in person and said in-person applications are processed in days, not weeks like the mail applications. That’s when I had the idea of putting together a database of actually concealed carry permitting application processing times.

I started by having some (Wisconsin) friends enter when they applied for their permit and when they received it. From there I had a little data to start compiling a user friendly front-end in Google Forms and Sheets. I posted on Reddit’s /r/CCW and got a ton of positive responses and a lot more data to work with. I eventually switched to Microsoft Excel and their survey tool because it embeds significantly nicer than Google.

Enjoy the information below – I hope it helps shed some light on your application processing time. When you do get your concealed carry license, please submit your information to the survey to help keep the information current.


Want to contribute? Use the form below to enter your data.

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FFL Application Update

Before Thanksgiving we received a call from the ATF agent assigned to our FFL application. We were told everything is looking good and that our application is in the process for approval. We weren’t given a time frame for approval, but we are really hoping to hear some good news in the next couple of weeks. It would be great to be a licensed FFL before the end of the year. We’ll keep you updated as our everything progresses.