Privacy Policy

Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers is a division of Riot, LLC. All business is hereby conducted as Riot, LLC. Riot, LLC may be referred to as “Riot, LLC”, “Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers”, “WFT”, “us”, or “we” within this document. Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers is committed to protecting the privacy of every customer (“you”). Information submitted to us will only used in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this policy.

1.0 Ownership of Information

Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers hereby retains the right to ownership of all information collected via online, in person, by phone, or any other means. WFT also retains the right to modify our policies without notice.

2.0 Information Privacy

2.1 Privacy Policy

Privacy is of the utmost importance to WFT. All information is kept secure and encrypted (when digital). WFT will not sell or otherwise disclose customer information to individuals or 3rd party services other than required by the ATF. WFT believes in cooperating with all forms of law enforcement.

2.2 Customer Information Privacy

Per BATFE regulations we must collect information in order to perform a background check on you prior to transferring a firearm into your possession. You must provide a valid form of photo identification, your name, current residence, and place of birth. We reserve the right to request additional forms of identification at any time.

2.3 Website Privacy

All information submitted via our website,, will remain private. Information will never be sold to a 3rd party service. All information collected is voluntarily submitted by you, The Customer. In lieu of submitting information via our website, any user may submit the information over the phone. This information will be stored online in the same manor as information that was submitted via the website.

3.0 Response and Turn Around Time

The buyer must have an appointment with WFT prior to arriving to do business. An appointment can be setup over the phone or via email.

Excluding extenuating circumstances, WFT will contact The Customer to schedule an appointment within 36 hours of receiving the firearm. Receiving is defined as taking possession of the firearm from the delivery service used to ship the firearm.

The buyer must pick up all firearms within four (4) weeks of receipt by WFT unless The Company agrees to set an appointment further than four (4) weeks in advance. If the firearm is not picked up within the specified timeframe it will become the property of WFT.

4.0 Accepting Delivery of Firearms

All deliveries will be attempted to be received on the first delivery attempt. If the first attempt of delivery is unsuccessful, the package will be held at the delivery facility (if applicable) and picked up in person by a representative of The Company as soon as possible, but within 36 hours of the final delivery attempt.

5.0 Background Checks

WFT will perform background checks on all purchasers of firearms as required by State and Federal Law. WFT will only allow the sale or transfer of firearms if the Purchaser’s background check is returned as “Proceed”. WFT will not transfer a firearm is the Purchaser’s background check is returned as “Denied” or “Pending”.

6.0 Local Laws and Etiquette

WFT’s Appleton and Menomonee Falls location are within a school-zone. Therefore it is illegal to possess firearms off of private property unless you are transporting your firearms in accordance with Wisconsin State Law within your vehicle. Park in the driveway when you arrive to perform a firearm transfer. Do not park in the street.

WFT’s Appleton and Menomonee Falls locations are located in a residential home. Therefore we ask that you please be courteous to both the home-owner and surrounding neighbors.

Carrying a firearm for personal protection is every American’s right, which WFT wholeheartedly supports. WFT encourages everyone to carry in a law-abiding manner.