Sabre Red H2O MK-2 Triggertop Spray 1.6 oz


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The Sabre Red H2O MK-2 Triggertop Spray is a powerful, lightweight and easily carried defensive weapon. Featuring Sabre’s most potent formula, the sprayer boasts 10% OC with 1.33% major capsaicinoids. Once deployed the fast-acting formula immediately inflames the throat, eyes, mouth, ears and nose to disorient and immobilize would-be attackers. The trigger-style activation is optimized for defensive application, its natural location allows users to draw and deploy their spray with lightning-quick speed. The water-based H2O-formula eliminates the threat of flammability and allows for easier cleanup and decontamination.

Item Specs

Formula: 10% OC, 1.33% major capsaicinoids
Range: 8-15 feet
Delivers 6 full 1-second bursts for reliable use
Highly purified to inflame the eyes, throat, nose and lungs
Nitrogen-charged for use in extreme temperatures
Pistol-grip handle offers accurate and controlled deployment
Safety pin and tab prevent accidental deployment
UV-marking dye for easy suspect identification
Volume: 1.6 oz