SilencerCo Octane 9 2.0 Silencer, 9mm, Black, NEW


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The Octane has a rich history, from the original in the days of SWR to the extremely popular Octane HD from SilencerCo.  The Octane 2.0 is SilencerCo’s lastest revision, and revival, of the series.  The Octane 2.0 is user serviceable, allowing shooters to utilize cast lead projectiles as well as use the suppressor the the extremely dirty 22LR cartridge.  The mix of aluminum and steel construction allows the SilencerCo Octane 2.0 to be durable enough for full auto use, but still weigh in at under 10 ounces.

All SilencerCo Alpha accessories are compatible with the Octane 2.0   A piston or other mounting solution is required for use.  

The Octane series has always been popular, but in the previous years was getting a bit dated and the price was not as competitive as some newer pistol suppressors.  For a breif time, SilencerCo discontinued the series, however this made some people unhappy.  The Octane has always been a staple, it’s no-frills simple design was important to people who didn’t want excess modularity.  SilencerCo updated the series and re-released it with a lower price point.  It’s huge variety of accessories, from ASR mounting, to 3-lug, and even Q’s Plan B allow the can to be put on virtually any firearm that shoots 9mm or 300 Blackout subsonic with a mounting system tailored to the shooters needs.  


  • User serviceable
  • Full-auto rated
  • Long, successful track record
  • Lightweight – only 9 ounces
  • Compatible with full line of Alpha accessories
  • Redesigned for 2020


  • Suppressor
  • Storage Sleeve
  • SilencerCo Pistons
  • Fixed Barrel Mounts
  • SilencerCo 3 Lug Mounts (short)
  • SilencerCo 3 Lug Mount (long)
  • SilencerCo Fixed Barrel Spacer
  • SilencerCo 3 Lug Barrel Adapters
  • Alpha ASR Mount
  • Single Port ASR Muzzle Brake
  • Plan-B By Q (Alpha / Omega 9K variant)