Steinel Ammunition Co 9mm 124gr. Subcompact Carry SCHP


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This is Steinel’s premium 9mm defensive load.  While standard “cup and core” jacketed hollow points have been relied upon for decades, this load takes advantage of modern CNC and EDM technologies in producing the perfect defensive bullet.  These Solid Copper Hollow Points (SCHP) expand to a diameter of .706″ (see image) when fired from 3″ barrels and .857″ from 4.7″ barrels!  Note that 3″ barrels are commonly found in today’s sub-compact pistols.  The FBI standard ballistic gel test was also passed using a Kahr PM9 (3″ barrel).

This load is suitable for all barrel lengths but its performance is optimized for shorter, sub-compact and compact sized pistols.

Due to brass availability across all calibers, standard non nickel-plated brass may be used.

20 Rounds

Bullet: Maker Solid Copper Hollow Point
Bullet Weight: 124 grain
Case: Starline Brass (new)
Powder: Hodgdon
Primer: CCI

Velocity- 3″: 960 FPS
Velocity- 4.7″: 1,050 FPS


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