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Trailblazer Firearms LC2-BB: The LifeCard from Trailblazer is the new standard for discrete carry and the ultimate in concealment. Folding to the size of a short stack of credit cards, this single-shot .22LR everyday carry pistol is the last gun you’ll leave behind. The overall folded size of this fantastic compact handgun is 3.375″ x 2.125″ x 0.5″. At just a 1/2″ thick and weighing only 7 ounces, it’s barely noticeable in your pocket and invisible in a purse or carry bag. It features a sleek, no-snag ambidextrous design that deploys quickly and easily in an emergency. Constructed of premium durable materials, it has a 4140 steel barrel, bolt, and trigger with a precision machined billet aluminum grip and frame. When it’s unfolded, the LifeCard provides you with a full-sized grip for easy use and excellent control. Built-in safety features allow you to carry with one in the chamber, and it will not fire when it’s folded for transporting. Four extra rounds can be stored in the grip giving you easy access to additional ammo if needed, and rapid reloads are made possible by the flip-up barrel design. Purpose-built to be an EDC pistol that can be confidently and discretely carried everywhere all of the time, it also makes a great emergency back-up handgun. Every legally armed citizen needs a LifeCard, get yours today!