CCW & Training


Wisconsin Concealed Carry

Legally conceal carry a handgun in Wisconsin and 34 states after successfully completing our Wisconsin Concealed Carry training course.

Our comprehensive CCW training course focuses on basic firearm safety and basic responsible pistol training.

You will learn the correct mindset and attitude needed to safely carry and use a firearm in self defense. You will learn the legal use of personal defense deadly force when necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones during potentially violet incidents.

Be prepare for all situations including home invasions, carjackings, burglaries, and robberies. Only YOU are responsible for your SAFETY!

Skills You Will Learn

  • Modern concealed carry techniques
  • Safely loading and unloading a firearm
  • Safe firearm storage techniques
  • Family safety plans
  • How to safely store firearms with children
  • Concealed carry weapon methods

NRA Certified Trainers

Prolithic Arms performs our in-house training. Each class is approximately 4 hours long and is taught by NRA Certified Pistol Instructors. Their certifications exceed the Wisconsin Department of Justice requirements for concealed carry training.

The Wisconsin DOJ does not require any live-fire shooting in order to successfully complete the training course. We will have (unloaded) weapons for everyone to handle as part of the training course.

Due to the limited class sizes, pre-registering for a class is highly encouraged. We accept walk-ins the morning of the training; however, we cannot guarantee you a spot in the class.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws

The USCCA (based out of West Bend, WI) has put together excellent information regarding the current gun laws in Wisconsin. Their website is kept up-to-date and is considered the go-to resource for CCW information.

Classroom Rental

Are you a trainer who is looking for a great space to hold a concealed carry, self-defense, firearm safety, or other related class? Our training space can hold up to 25 people plus the trainers. We include all of the chairs, projector screen, and amenities needed to hold nearly any type of class. Rental rates are competitive and we offer discounts for merchandise purchased. Send us an inquiry or stop in the store for more information.