Gunsmith Services

We offer a wide range of gunsmith services at Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers.

Basic Shop Rate

Our basic shop rate is $70/hour with a 30-minute minimum. Our shop rate applies for most simple jobs such as troubleshooting and diagnosing a problem, firearm safety inspection, and custom machine work. We are always happy to provide a quote for a scope of work instead of working on an hourly basis.

Free when you purchase the sights or optic from us! $40 for sights purchased from another store. Installation usually takes less than 1 day but can vary based on current backlog.

Pistol Sight Install

Long Gun Bore Sight

Let us get your scope on target without wasting expensive ammunition. Our laser bore sighting tool allows us to sight your gun in our shop. Our standard distance is 100 yards, but we can adjust based on your needs. Free for scopes purchased through us and $50 for scopes purchased from other stores.

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