Our Vision

Our vision is to change the community from within by increasing knowledge of firearm safety. We cover a wide variety of firearm safety issues that affect the community from encounters with law enforcement, safe firearm storage, avoiding the need to use your weapon, children and weapons and much more.  We believe that by providing educational firearms resources we could directly impact our community. We must build the community that we envision by placing resources there to serve as the foundation for that vision.

Wisconsin Concealed Carry

Legally conceal carry a handgun in Wisconsin and 34 states after successfully completing our Wisconsin Concealed Carry training course. Our comprehensive CCW training course focuses on basic firearm safety and basic responsible pistol training. You will learn the correct mindset and attitude needed to safely carry and use a firearm in self defense. You will learn the legal use of personal defense deadly force when necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones during potentially violet incidents. Be prepare for all situations including home invasions, carjackings, burglaries, and robberies. Only YOU are responsible for your SAFETY!

Concealed Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws

(Concealed Carry License)



Taught by a certified NRA instructor, attendees will learn 4 fundamental firearm safety rules, what to do if you encounter law enforcement, safely loading and unloading handguns, where you can and can’t carry your concealed weapon, safe storage, traveling with weapons, family safety plans and much more.

This Three tier course is designed around the fundamentals of handgun shooting.  Attendance will learn how to safely and accurately handle firearms. Course includes class room and range training.

Attendees will have hands-on instruction on field stripping and cleaning their personal weapons.  Firearms should be cleaned and lubed after every use. Proper maintenance can prevent weapon malfunction at critical moments. 

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