Our company was founded to achieve a very simple goal: make affordable firearm transfers as easy as possible while maintaining responsive communication with the customer throughout the whole process. All while doing it all for a great price. We are able to transfer all firearms, including NFA items at our Menomonee Falls location.

First Transfer: $30
Additional Transfers same 4473: $10 (each)
Handguns: +$10 (State fee)

Looking for the best price on a firearm? Send us a message and we'll shoot you a straight-forward price, inclusive of all taxes and fees.

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NFA Transfer: $75 Purchase via Silencer Shop: $0 fee Looking for the best price? Check out our Silencer Shop prices. As a POWERED BY FFL Dealer, you can purchase and track your status directly on the Silencer Shop website. Please contact us directly if you would like to make a purchase. Silencer Shop removes their "advertising fee" on our end when we assign items directly to customers. Your price is still the lowest we can sell an item.


Buying a firearm online is easy, convenient, and typically cheaper than purchasing a firearm at your local gun shop. We want to help make your online purchase or private party sale as simple and affordable as possible.

Here’s a quick 7-step guide on how the process works.

  1. Decide on a firearm to purchase. We like all firearms, so pick one or ten.
  2. Go through the process of purchasing the firearm online and follow all instructions given by the online retailer.
  3. Submit a Transfer Request by using our online form or by calling us. We’ll need to know where you purchased your firearm so we can send them our FFL information.
  4. Once the online retailer receives our FFL information they will ship the gun to us. We’ll contact you to schedule a pick-up.
  5. When you come to pick-up your firearm we’ll need to process your background check. Make sure you bring your drivers license or another form of identification. See the ATF’s website for what is required.
  6. Pay our transfer fee. If you are transferring a handgun you will also need to pay the Wisconsin Handgun Fee of $10.
  7. Leave a happy customer!

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We’re here to help. That’s our mission. Buying a firearm online is easy and straight forward, but sometimes you still have questions and want to talk to a real person. We answer emails and FB messages as soon as we get them. Use our contact form to send us an email or click the blue FB message icon in the lower right corner of the page to chat with us on Facebook.

Before messaging us, please take a minute to look through our frequently asked questions.