Wisconsin Firearms & Transfers

Concealed Carry Classes

Legally conceal carry a handgun in Wisconsin and 34 states after successfully completing our Wisconsin Concealed Carry training course.

You will learn the correct mindset and attitude needed to safely carry and use a firearm in self defense. You will learn the legal use of personal defense deadly force when necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones during potentially violet incidents.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Modern concealed carry techniques
  • Safely loading and unloading a firearm
  • Safe firearm storage techniques
  • Family safety plans
  • How to safely store firearms with children
  • Concealed carry weapon methods

Read more about our concealed carry classes on our CCW & Training Page

Customer Service First

Our company was founded to achieve a very simple goal: make affordable firearm transfers as easy as possible while maintaining responsive communication with the customer throughout the whole process. All while doing it all for a great price.


Transfer Prices

  • $30 per transfer
  • +$10 for each additional gun on the same 4473
  • +$10 State Handgun Tax if there is at least one handgun

NFA Transfers

  • $75 for each NFA item
  • $0 for all Silencer Shop purchases