ATN ThOR LT 5-10x 30mm Thermal Scope


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Tough enough to withstand high-caliber recoil, but small and light enough for use with crossbows or air guns, the ThOR LT 320 5-10 Thermal Riflescope from ATN has the power to show you targets hidden by darkness or cover. Housed in a weatherproof aluminum housing with a 30mm maintube, the scope yields a 11.6 x 8.7° field of view and a Detection/Recognition/Identification range of 1620, 710, and 415 yards. Its One Shot Zero feature allows you to effortlessly correct the point of impact—simply take a shot, use the arrow keys to move the red crosshair over the actual impact point, and click ”enter.” The ThOR LT 320 is designed to withstand the recoil of high-caliber firearms and provides 3.5” of eye relief, but at 11.5 x 2.2” and 1.4 pounds, it is suited for use on crossbows, air rifles, or other platforms where weight is a critical factor.

You’ll see what’s out there on a 1280 x 720 HD display, with a choice of reticles and the option of black hot or white hot palettes. The ATN Obsidian Core LT uses a 320 x 240 sensor with a 12-micrometer pixel pitch and a smooth 60 Hz refresh rate. Its built-in USB-rechargeable lithium battery will run the scope for 10 hours. The scope mounts with standard, user-provided 30mm scope rings.

Thermal Sensor

320 x 240 ATN Obsidian Core LT

12-micrometer pixel pitch

60 Hz refresh rate

Optical Performance

5-10x magnification

11.6 x 8.7° angle of view

Detection/Recognition/Identification range 1620, 710, and 415 yards

90mm eye relief

Use and Handling

Intuitive user interface

Compact control pad on the top

1280 x 720 HD display

One Shot Zero for fast and easy impact point correction

Black hot and white hot palettes

USB-rechargeable battery for 10 hours of runtime

Resistant to high-caliber recoil, but compact and lightweight for use on air rifles or crossbows

Mounts with standard, user-supplied 30mm rings

Construction Details

Aluminum alloy construction

30mm maintube diameter

Weather-resistant performance


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